Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 7 ... Weigh In Day

It is day 7 and I weighed in this morning - happy to say I was down 3 lbs! =) woo hoo ... Last Tuesday I weighed in at 193.5 today I was 190.5 ... go me! =) ... I was so worried after this weekend, but I didn't let my one day of a mess up get me down, I just got right back at it. I had a great run on the treadmill last night and I am getting ready to go again. I think I am starting to get a little bit of the runner's high ... I want to beat my own times and speeds and just continue to get better - I feel like I am a machine when I am on that treadmill and nothing is going to stop me. I will get up to 3 miles and I will get up to a good enough time to run a 5K - that is my goal! Yesterday and today I have only had 1 soda and water the rest of the days - I love my new water bottles. I have also come across an awesome website - caloriecounter.com - it is a very cool website where I can log my calories, my activity, and my weight and get support when I need it.

K, gotta go the boys are READY for bed!! ... back tomorrow =)

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