Thursday, March 31, 2011

4:00 AM Success!!

Got up again this morning at 4:00 AM - this is suprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be. Today I ran for 30 minutes - Its so funny one day I love running and the next I am strugglin through it - today was a love running day. I find myself wanting to run more than any other form of exercise. I don't really like doing "workouts" like I did yesterday - where its 8 reps of this, 8 reps of that ... I would rather just run. I'm not sure that just running will get me where I want to be though. Everything I read says you have to do some kind of strength training as well as cardio - but I just don't enjoy the lunges, jumps, squats ... oh my! But with that said I can tell you that I definitely feel the workout I did yesterday - it actually hurts when I take a deep breath ... it kind of feels like someone beat me with a bat today, lol - my legs, ribs, back, shoulders are all very sore - No Pain, No Gain - right?

Peaked at the scale this morning 182.0 - going back in the right direction :). I would be thrilled to see 179 next Tuesday but I am not getting my hopes up ... slow and steady - have to keep telling myself that.

Going to make a trip to our Farmer's Market this weekend - I will try to remember to take pictures. I love going - so much cheaper and so much fresher << is that even a word?? lol  ... I really want to try to start eating more whole foods and less processed. That will be something I will have to progress into because thats the way I have eaten my entire life. My mom wasn't big on making us "eat our vegetables" and we never had to clean our plates or any of that good stuff - we ate what we wanted and my mother was/is an amazing cook so she never had problems getting us to eat, but it was never healthy food. Also I have a husband and children who love sweets, chips... pretty much any kind of junk food you can think of - so sometimes its hard for me to buy what they want plus foods that I would like to eat more of. When you are trying to budget and not break the bank at the grocery store sometimes the stuff that is cheapest is the stuff that isn't the most healthy option ... BUT those are all excuses and if I really want to change my life then I am going to have to make drastic changes because what I was doing/eating before obviously wasn't working for me.

I tried on some shorts that I could barely zip last summer and they fit very comfortably now - that made me feel good =) I have a few pair that I still need to lose about another 10 lbs and then I will be in those as well. One of my goals was to be able to wear shorts this summer - in the past I would not wear shorts because I am so worried about how my legs look - same with tank tops, I would NEVER show my arms. I think this summer is going to be different =)  ... My birthday is June 27th and I have made a goal to have 20 lbs lost by my bday, I am already at 11 so 9 more pounds in 2 months is very atainable and I might even surpass that - I just want to set realistic small goals to help keep me motivated =)

Have a Great Day!!

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  1. Woohoo! You are doing fantastic! 182 is awesome and I bet you hit 179 soon. You and I are pretty darn close in our weights.

    And a big congratulations on getting in those shorts. Such a great feeling.

    You are one dedicated lady to get up at 4am. I've gone to bed at 4 before! LOL But you're doing the right thing. Great post.