Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 18 ... I think???

Wow - haven't blogged in almost a week ... not good, I really wanted to blog daily and keep track of my "journey" so I can look back - so I need to get back to this! Things have been going well, I am still exercising daily - my EA Active game came yesterday and I really like it - i set the program all up and then realized I had made Wed a rest day so I did a "mini" workout to get a feel for the "game" ... it was very cool but I am anxious to do a full workout tonight and see just how hard it is - I chose the medium level - it has easy, medium or advanced ... so we'll see how it goes - I made it through the mini workout ok but I was sweating by the time I was done!

I've been doing good with running also - I can almost run 2 miles - getting so close but I can't figure out why my shins are burning so badly ... its like I start out ok and then about 5 mins in my shins are burning so bad I have to stop sometimes and stretch my leg out. If I could get over the leg burning I would be doing great because breathing wise I am doing so good, its just my legs bothering me. I burn 400 calories every time I run which is nice - so I think combining running and this EA Active I could burn quite a few calories.

I told the husband its weird that I am actually starting to enjoy exercise - i don't have to drag myself to do it, I know it needs to be done and I want to do it - I want to get healthy - I want to sweat! =)

Unfortunately I am not seeing the results I would like to see on the scale. I am stuck at 189 ... been there for the last 2 weeks now.  It is also that T.O.M - so I am *hoping* that next week I see a significant loss .. I have been doing great with logging my calories and staying within my range - i think there was one day I went a little bit over but other than that i've been doing good. The only thing I would like to improve on is to eat more natural foods and less processed stuff. Maybe cut back on the carbs a bit - I still find myself craving those a lot. But I have cut my portions way back, I am measuring my foods and I have not been eating after 7:00 ... drinking tons of water ... have cut my soda WAAAAAY back - I drink about 1 a day now before i was drinking up to 4 or 5 a day!!! crazy! The goal is to completely get rid of it but so far its been a no go with that one.

I am not giving up - I know this is a lifestyle change and if I am just patient the weight will start coming off ... I have already changed so many things ... I am in this for the long haul!

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