Friday, March 18, 2011

Fluctuation = Aggravation

First off, it's Friday - so a big YAY for that! ...

Otherwise the scale is driving me crazy!!! This is how I feel most days ...

You would think I would learn after 5 weeks of doing this that weighing myself everyday is just not a good idea - EVERY single week my weight fluctuates so much but somehow by the time weigh in day (Tuesdays) rolls around I end up with some kind of a loss ... its like my body needs at least a week to adjust. So why can't I keep myself off the scale for one week at a time? Because I am afraid! I am afraid if I don't see that fluctuation and see my weight creep up a little I might not work as hard. Honestly when I see the number go up  even just half a pound I find myself pushing harder on the treadmill, drinking a little more water, trying to keep the calories down as much as possible.... so my advice to myself is treat EVERYDAY like I saw a  jump in the scale and stay off the dang thing until weigh in day!!! ... it is a total mood killer when I kill it on the treadmill the night before and drink crazy water the day before and then I get on the scale and see a gain ... but then i can get on the next day and i'm down 2 or 3 lbs ....  Patience grasshopper, patience!

Now this is where I wish I had some readers so I could ask some advice ... I know this will come too, but just incase there is someone reading I am going to ask anyways ... LOL ... Its about calories, I have done pretty much every calorie calculator on the web and I get very different answers so I have no clue what is right ... As of this week I have been trying to stay between 1300 and 1400 calories and I don't think I have hit 1400 all week - I also am burning 400 - 500 calories each night.  Is this enough? Am I doing enough??  Am I not eating enough?? I am so confused on this and if I could just get it straightened out I would feel so much better about this process ... I am currently 184.5 and would like to be 140-145 for my goal, then after I hit that we will see what happens, but I would be thrilled with that weight.  So if you have ANY advice I would love to hear it!!

Well, have a great weekend!! We are supposed to have a rainy one so maybe I will get some house work done =)  ... Going out Saturday night for a girls night out, can't wait!!

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  1. I track on and if you input all of the information they ask, they calculate a range to be eating within, and they take in to account your activity. You might not be eating enough to properly fuel your body with all of the activity that you are doing. I've also heard to take your goal weight and multiply it by 11 to get the amount of calories you would need to maintain that weight. And if you get used to eating that now, then maintaining once you get there wouldn't be a problem. Hope that helps!!