Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don't get it ...

Ok, I have been "changing my life" for almost a month now and I am just not seeing the weight loss I would like to see. Started on Feb 15th at 193.5 and weighed in Tuesday at 186.5 (thats 7 lbs in 3 weeks) ... I guess I just figured it would come off a little bit faster than this.  I have made some drastic changes as far as diet and exercise goes. I have been logging all my food on with the exception of a few weeekend days. And I have exercised at least 6 nights a week since I started. I guess I kind of feel like I am working really hard and just not getting the results I would like. Maybe I am not working hard enough and maybe I just need to be more patient and the weight will come off when its supposed to. I am by no means ready to "throw in the towel" .. I am not giving up on this, this is a lifestyle change .. I will never go back to eating cheeseburgers and french fries again. I will always be conscious of what I am eating.

I would really like one of these!!! lol - wouldn't we all!

I wish I could afford a personal trainer or nutritionist to just help me know if I am doing the right thing or the wrong thing - I have gone to several different sites to determine how many calories I should be eating to lose weight and I get all different numbers, so its very confusing. At first I was shooting for 1500 calories then I did some research and says I should be doing 1200 but that seems kind of low to me. After researching other sites I have found that they average is about 1450-1500 for weight loss ... So right now I am shooting for 1400 and I will see how that goes .... I just wish this was easier to determine!

The other problems I am having is - drinking water, I hate water!  I have to force myself to drink it. The other is taking bites here and there constantly! I have 2 boys and anytime I make them something I find myself mindlessly taking a bite of this and that, and then when they don't finish something I instinctively want to eat it instead of letting food go to waste... Or when I get home from work and I am really hungry and have to wait for dinner to cook I will take a bite of something to satisfy the hunger ... Then on the weekends for some reason I just don't track - we tend to go out to eat on the weekends and if we go somewhere that nutrition info isn't available,  i try to make a good choice but if i don't know the calories its hard to track for the rest of the day so then I just  stop tracking and try not to eat any more ...

So anyways! I am just getting a little frustrated with the lack of results but I also realize that I need to take the food logging a bit more seriously and just keep up with my exercise as much as possible.

It will happen! I know it will!  Because I am not giving up =)

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