Friday, March 25, 2011

I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can!

Ok, first things first, Mother Nature you are soooo not cool today! ... We had temperatures in the 80's on Monday with sun and it was glorious! Today I wake up to friggin SNOW and SLEET!! Yuck! I am over it, winter be gone! They are calling for more snow on Sunday - 2-4" ... seriously??  ... Oh well, this will all be over soon and then we'll all be complaining about how hot it is =)

So the point of the post title - I am going to run 3 miles at once this weekend, I am bound and determined! I always get to 2.5 miles and I just think I can't go any more and I stop well I am claiming it right now that by the end of this weekend I will run 3 miles! I am not worried about the time right now, I just want to get the distance! I am going to do it! I actually don't think i can, i know i can!! ...

This weekend is going to be pretty stress free and should be nice and quiet. We are having some friends over tonight to visit and then the rest of the weekend is wide open! We are hopefully going to get started on our son's new swingset - he got it last year for his birthday but his bday is the end of august and by the time we ordered it and it was delivered it was the end of september and it was starting to get cool so we decided to wait until this spring to put it up. As you can see our weather doesn't always cooperate with us so we are going to start assembling it in the garage until we run out of room - this thing is massive and the direction manual literally makes me want to run away and cry!! ... I wish I had some moolah so I could pay someone else to do this - its gonna take FOREVER!! ... lol but at least I know my kids will love it, so that makes it worth it.

Here is the one we got him - this thing is literally in a million pieces ... most reviews said it takes at least 2 days to put together ... shouldn't this be a guy only thing??? ha ha ha!
Alright, well wish me luck on the running and putting together that beast!! =) I will post pics of the finished project when its done - next month - ha ha ha!

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