Friday, March 11, 2011

Its Fridayyyyyyy!! Woot Woot!

Love Fridays!! Saturday are even better but Friday makes me do this:

I am feeling good today - had a great workout last night with my EA Active on the Kinect - kicked my butt and had me sweatin' big time! ... I am really starting to crave exercise. I found myself with a little time after dinner to kind of wind down and didn't have anything that NEEDED to get done - I mean there is always something to do around the house - and all I wanted to do was get my workout gear on and start burnin' some calories! ... I love it and I can tell my endurance is getting stronger the more I exercise - last night there was definitely a few times I wanted to just call it quits but I picked myself back up and got back at it and I finished the complete workout - go me! =)

This weekend is going to be a laid back weekend - My oldest starts swimming lessons on Saturday so we are all excited about that. We are going to try to sign both of them up for as much as we can - keep them busy and not sitting in front of the tv!My oldest LOVES watching movies, he just loves it and he would do it all day if we let him. Fortunately he also LOVES being outside and he would also stay out all day if we let him (thank God). I do not want him to turn into a couch potato!! So now we are doing swimming and hopefully will be doing soccer too in the near future. Yay! Can't wait to be a soccer mom =)

So I had a non-scale victory this week - they are having a big meeting at work today and yesterday as well and they always bring in TONS of junk food for this ... came into work yesterday and my work kitchen pretty much looked something like this (these are not actual pictures from my work, but you get the idea):

So that is what I was looking at all day yesterdy and there is more today! And I didn't touch any of it! YAY!!! ... a month ago I would have been scarfing this all down as fast as I could ... but I didn't touch one thing! I ate my oatmeal for breakfast and I ate the HEALTHY lunch that I brought - I can do this! I will win this fight! and I am proving that to myself more and more everyday! 

Now weekends are a trial for me but not this weekend! I am going to continue to track, continue to exercise and I am GOING TO DO THIS!

Yay! Have a great day and a great weekend!!!

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