Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Steak, Muscles & Oatmeal =)

Not much to blog about today ... It's a beautiful day out, high of 70 and sunny but then it gets ugly tonight. Supposed to get down to 32 overnight and then a high of 45 for the next 7 days ... YUCK!! I have been loving this spring weather! We have had all the windows open and our attic fan going, pure heaven if you ask me! ...

We are going to take advantage of this nice day and bbq some steaks for dinner tonight. My 4 year old will be extremely happy - he is a meat eater! Kid LOVES steak, bacon, sausage, any kind of lunch meat ... no worries about him getting all his protein in =) ... Unfortunately veggies are another story - he used to love them as a baby and now we have to bribe him, with bacon, to get him to eat them, ha ha ha ... I will tell him broccoli gives him big muscles and then he will take a bite and go look mom! Love it!

Ahhh to be a kid again!

Well I peeked at the scale again today - I really need to stop doing this, lol! Luckily it said 182.5 so that is officially an 11 lbs loss ... but knowing me I will wake up tomorrow and have a gain and get upset - I always fluctuate! Especially since I know TOM is right around the corner ... bah! 

Have you tried McDonalds Oatmeal? I recently got a ton of coupons for free oatmeal that expire on the 27th so I have been using them a lot - it is 290 calories if you get it with the brown sugar and I think its 260 without - to me the 30 calories are worth it! I was so shocked at how good this stuff is ... I LOVE IT!! I really want to find a fruit mix similar to what they use to add to my own oatmeal, I know I could shave off some calories if I made it myself. If you haven't tried it, you should - so good!

Heaven in a cup!

Well have a great rest of the day and enjoy it more if you're lucky to have spring like weather like we are having here!!


  1. Mmmmmm.....steak. Loved some grilled meat. Enjoy and hope that those spring temperatures come back around soon! It's 86 here! That's summer weather, right? Geez.

  2. I got a coupon too...I'm going to go ahead and try it this week. Thanks for the tip! :)