Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weigh In Day - First Goal Reached!!

Today was weigh in day and I am happy to report I have officially lost ...
YAY!!! I am so happy! 5 weeks and 10 lbs - so roughly 2 lbs per week =) I am finally doing this the right way ... it is coming off slow but it is staying off and I feel great!!

Who knew that if you simply just did this ...

You would lose weight?!?! Imagine that =) ... No more fad diets, pills, or quick fixes for me! This is a lifestyle change! I feel awesome and can't wait to see more success in the weeks to come. 

I had an awesome run last night - I am sooo close to running 3 miles without stopping, it will come I just have to be patient.

I have also decided I want to try to incorporate some strength training in addition to my running. I want to try to tone up as I lose the weight so I am not left with any stretched out skin. Plus I have read that strength training paired with cardio is the best way to lose fat. Muscle burns calories. So I will start with my 10 lb weights and then when that gets too easy I will buy heavier ones. 

I am so happy, I started this journey at 193.5 and weighed in today at 183. I can't even imagine that I am about to enter the 170's ... I haven't weighed under 180 since I graduated college 10 years ago... I have rested in the 180's .... but not any more baby... I can't wait!

Have a great day!!!!!

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