Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh In - Slow & Steady Wins The Race!

So today was a weigh-in day and what kind of weigh in was it ... something like this:

Yay for happy scale face! =) ... Last week I was at 186.5 this week ... 184.5 ... YAY!! 2 lb loss, I will take it! I know this weight isn't necessarily flying off but it is coming off and thats all that matters. Everything I have ever read says a 1-2 lb loss per week is best and a slower loss usually results in the weight staying off! ... So I am happy with this progress ... and I am sticking with it. Nothing can stop me now =)

I hope you have a great day - it is rainy and dreary here today but tomorrow  its supposed to be sunny and 65 and thursday even better with sun and 70! - Thats what I'm talking about, I am so ready for warmer weather!! We are going to start putting the swing set up this weekend so that should be fun - I know my little guys are going to love it - so that makes me happy =)

Have a great day!!

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