Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where did the weekend go???

I had a great weekend but it went by so fast! You know its funny when we don't have much going on we complain that we are bored - then when our time is full we complain we are so busy - well at least that is what happens in my household =)

Friday was a low key evening - my oldest stayed the night at his cousins house - bbq'd and watched a movie with the husband. Then I some how scraped up the motiviation to get on the treadmill to run and it was one of my longest runs yet ... 4K - so close to a 5K I can taste it!

Saturday was a busy day - swimming lessons, bowling bday party and then I went out for a girl's night. I had SOOOOO much fun and it was long overdue - i think I probably burned a ton of calories on the dance floor =) ...didn't get home until 4:00 AM - there was some late night tacobell thrown in there however ... but every once in a blue moon is ok ... Needless to say today was a stay in my pajamas kind of day ... slept till 10 - woke up ate breakfast and went back to sleep unitl 2:00 ... Its too bad because today was  BEAUTIFUL day ... but again I had a blast and thats all that counts!  I did make it to the treadmill tonight, wasn't the greatest run but I did it so I'm happy with that.

So here is to another week of tracking, running and hopefully losing - I want that 10 lb mark this week!!

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