Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter didn't get the memo ...

So the first day of SPRING was March 20th but apparently Winter didn't get the memo because we got about 4 inches of snow on Saturday. It was very pretty but I am ready for spring. Most of it is already melted but we aren't supposed to get over 50 degress all week.

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good - I didn't get a whole lot done but I had a lot of family time with the husband and my boys and that is better than pretty much anything else :) ... Friday we had our friends over, we went out to mexican - I didn't do too bad, shared fajitas with the husband, I did eat 2 tortillas but I ate very light during the day because I knew we were going out.

Saturday I took my son to his swimming lessons - he is getting so much more brave now and even volunteering to go first for some things - he is too funny. Then we came home watched the snow fall while I made a meal plan for the week and got a grocery list together. By the time we went to Target and the grocery store it was 8:00 - We watched Inception and I some how managed to keep my eyes open long enough to make it through - have to say it was a pretty cool movie!

Sunday was another lazy day! The husband and I watched documentaries all day on Netflix. And I snacked allllllll day! grrrr ... Everytime we were done with a documentary I would get up and get a different snack ... lazy days are good to relax but I always end up eating more than I would like. I did manage to get to the treadmill before I went to bed - I did not get my 3 miles I was hoping for ... I thought I would be charged and ready to go with the 2 days off running but I struggled through it and only managed 2 miles. Thats ok, I will get there and it will be soon!

I need to really start working on my weekends. I do great during the week planning my meals and counting my calories then the weekend comes and I just get lazy. This is going to be a new priority for me - work hard EVEN on the weekends!

Tomorrow is weigh in day - wish me luck!!!

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  1. I do the same thing on lazy weekends: snack, snack, snack. I try to keep busy to avoid that but you know how it goes. :)

    Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow! Hope it's a great one.