Monday, March 14, 2011

Wonderful Weekend =)

Hello! So this was a great weekend - got a lot done and even had a little bit of relaxing in there - can't beat that! Started Friday night off with just me and the little guys - Dad had a man date with some guys from work, dinner and a movie =) One of those blowin' things up, aliens, end of the world - so not my kind of movie, movies - glad he found someone else to watch it with!! lol  ... So me and the boys just relaxed and I even snuck a nice run in there on the treadmill.

Saturday - we woke up super early and headed to the Farmer's Market - i LOVE going there, love the atmosphere and all the beautiful fresh produce ... here's where i get very mad, lol - i took tons of great pictures of all the sweet deals and amazing fruit i got - my house is overflowing with fruit and veggies - LOVE THAT! ... Well anyways, I used my phone to take the pics and its an old school phone, it has a chip in it that you have to take out and put in your computer and blah blah blah - anyways it wouldn't work, I even had my computer nerd husband mess with it and he couldn't get it work either ... so disappointing!! I just tried this last night or else I would have just taken pics with my regular camera - which I will have to do from now on - unfortunately its one of those bulky ones so I can't just throw it in my purse, that is why I was hoping I would be able to use my phone when I was out and about ... oh well! I promise I will get pics on here, now that I know my phone doesn't work I will get the big clunky digital out =)

We took the big guy to swimming lesson's on Saturday and he completely broke down and cried like crazy said that he was scared and didn't want to do it. We were shocked, he has swam before but I think the little girl next to him crying her eyes out after they made her jump in freaked him out a bit, he was fine up until that point - he has never had a traumatizing experience or anything like that ... so who knows. We are still going to take him and keep taking him until he is ok with the water - it is really important to me that my kids know how to swim. I lost an aunt due to her drowning and I never want to have to experience that again.

We also bought a new gas grill on Saturday - SO HAPPY about this purchase, I have been dying without one - our's shot craps last year and we have been using our old Weber Charcoal - and while it works just fine I am  a lazy cooker and love when I can just walk out and start that baby up and not have to deal with all the mess of charcoal ... made some WONDERFUL kabobs last night with turkey sausage and chicken with mushrooms, green pepper and red onion - deliciouoso!! =)

Sunday was a lazy day and I loved every minute of it - we are constantly running on the weekends to bday parties, get togethers or different various events so when we get a free day on the weekend it is pure bliss! I still got a run in though =) .. can't forget that!

Today I woke up to crazy HUGE snowflakes! I couldn't believe it - especially after the beautiful weekend we had - and its supposed to be 70 degrees on Thursday!! ...  crazy, crazy! My 4 year old says - Uhhhh Mom, I thought you said it wouldn't be snowing any more!! - He is eager to get up his swingset we bought last fall and didn't get a chance to put up before it got cold =) So he is hoping for more of those 70 degree days!

I am making spaghetti squash for dinner tonight - I will let you know how it turned out =)

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