Sunday, April 10, 2011

R&R Makes for a GREAT weekend!!

So sad this weekend is coming to an end. It was such nice weekend - we didn't have any major plans so we just did whatever. 

Friday night the husband's cousin came over and stayed with the boys and he and I went to dinner and the boat. The husband picked a chinese buffet because he wanted crab legs. I have to say I think I did pretty well for going to a buffet - just more signs of me changin'!!  I got green beans, some california roll and I did have a few steamed dumplings and some chicken teryaki - and just a little of each, my plate wasn't over flowing like it usually does - I did go back for a little more but it was just for more green beans, they were really good!! ... So I was happy with my choices - thats a good feeling. Then we went to the boat and lost =( boo hoo! I am such a fair weather fan when it comes to gambling - when we win I am soooo happy and all about it, but man when we lose it really puts me in a horrible mood... lol

Saturday we did some normal weekend errands - grocery store, target, etc... We have really gotten into couponing and I saved a whopping $45 on my grocery bill with just coupons!! Such a good feeling especially after losing 3 times that at the boat! ha ha ha - i'm not bitter at all ;)

Today we went to church, had some bbq and spent some time outside in this BEAUTIFUL weather!!

Today was also the first time I ran since Thursday and I could feel it! I was strugglin, but it felt so good to move and to sweat. I really do like running - sometimes I just have to remind myself of that - HA HA...

Here's to another great week!!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I'd LOVE to find a buffet that has crab legs. :)

    I feel more relaxed just reading this post. Something about a BBQ on a beautiful day just does it for me. Ahhhhh.