Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Should Be Weigh In Day!

I'm so bumbed out! My stupid scale decided it needed new batteries today. I weighed yesterday and I was holding steady at 181.5 so I was hoping to see a lower number today for weigh in. I was so excited to get up this morning and weigh in and I jump on the scale and it just says Lo - i got off and on the thing like 20 times, lol ... why did it have to do it today?? I really wanted to weigh in, lol. So it takes one of those little circle batteries, I wrote it down so I can go on my lunch break - so weigh in day will be postponed one day :)

Last night I had a small NSV (non scale victory) - Didn't feel like making a huge dinner so I told the husband I was going to make some easy fish and baked potato - well he wasn't interested in that and said he wanted to order pizza - I told him to go ahead if thats what he wanted but I wasn't going to eat it. He ended up getting a stuffed crust pizza - and I made my fish and baked potato and didn't touch the pizza... yay me!! =) Before I would have ate 2 - 3 pieces of that and then felt like total crap afterwards. I am so proud of my will power and my desire to just get better. I am not where I want to be just yet but I am starting to show food who is boss :)

I found a new guilty pleasure - I take about a cup of cut up strawberries and then I take a tablespoon of Nutella and melt it down and then drizzle it over the strawberries - OMG! I looooooove it! Taste like a chocolate covered strawberry... YUM!   for about 150 calories, can't beat that for a sweet treat :)

I think I am proving to my husband that I am serious about this "change" also - not eating the pizza last night and then showing him how the shorts that were too small last year now fit with room to spare - he just keeps telling me "keep up the good work" ... but he keeps referring to my new of eating as a "diet" - I keep telling him, this is not a diet, this is the way I am going to eat forever, this is not eating the junk I was eating before, this is CHANGING - not staying the same, not eating whatever is set in front of me even it is total crap, this is caring what I put into my body. This is the NEW me :)

So weigh in - to be continued :) .... wish me luck!  

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  1. Ah! How frustrating! Well, maybe by the time you get to weigh in the number will be even lower than you expected! :)

    And Yay! for willpower. Good job.