Monday, April 18, 2011

Somebody has a case of The Mondays ...

Man, it is so hard to come back to work after a nice relaxing, fun weekend! - Leave it to me to be Debbie Downer but I just want to be home right now! My husband works 4 - 10 hour shifts so he is off on Mondays and stays home with the boys. It stinks getting up in the morning and leaving for work while they are all passed out, snoring and drooling on their pillows! :) ... but oh well, at least I have a job and can help take care of my family ... sooo anyways lets get to the weekend.

We had a nice weekend of bday party, yard work, shopping and eating of course! ... We started Friday off by doing nothing but staying in and watching a movie and I cut a ridiculous amount of coupons - My husband is the coupon king but has recently been slacking on his duties so I have somewhat taken over - its  A LOT of work - we get 5 papers each week and I cut all the coupons out and put them into binders that are labeled and divided ... its a lot of work but well worth it - we have been doing so well at the grocery store - nothing like the extreme couponers because our stores here don't have the awesome coupon policies that their's do. But we have cut our grocery bill probably at least in half by using coupons and we have a small stock pile of soaps, tooth pastes, deodorant and a few other things I won't bore you with.

Anyways, that could be a whole other blog! I watched The Town with Ben Affleck - I really liked it .. I like how they tied a love story into a semi - action/shoot em up film - enough non-love storyness to keep The Husband interested ;)

Saturday it was friggin cold here! I think the high was around 50 but it felt colder than that. We did some coupon shopping at Target and then had lunch at O'Charleys - I didn't have breakfast so I was starving - while it would have been easy for me to get a fat cheeseburger and fries I ended up getting this:
I liked that it listed the calories so I knew what I was eating - if you can't read it, it says 550 calories or less - not sure what the or less means but I counted it as 550. It was pretty good, the chicken was awesome, loved every bite - the fire roasted tomatoes were not so great, didn't finish those and the broccoli tasted like it had been boiled in fish water - even the husband tried it and agreed - it was gross! So I mostly only ate the chicken and honestly by the last few bites I was really full ... So I was happy with my choice and glad I didn't let my hunger take over my healthy options because it was very close to doing so!

After we ate lunch we had a bday party to go to - I was glad we ate before we went because they were serving hot dogs and chips (it was a 3 yr old bday party) and cake of course - I didn't eat anything (yay me!).  After this it was off to the grocery store - stocked up on some goodies for the week and I got some Mi0 water enhancer.
I'm sure you've seen some of the commercials for this if you watch tv. I have a horrible time drinking my water because I flat out don't like plain water - its just too boring, lol. So I had been wanting to try this and after reading Terri's review on it last week, I thought I would give it a try. My opinion - it's not bad, it kind of tastes like watered down koolaide to me. I got the fruit punch kind - they have several other flavors but I only got one to test it. I will probably buy more - I am on my 3rd water bottle this morning so I think its helping a little bit - but it could be all in my head too... ha ha!

Yesterday was spent outside all day - it was around 70 degrees and sunny and just absolutely beautiful ... I cut the grass and the husband did some landscaping - it was just nice to be outside all day - we bbq'd porksteaks and ate dinner outside on the deck - doesn't get much better than that if you ask me!

Tomorrow is weigh in day - I am hoping to at least lose the 2 lbs I gained last week, so wish me luck! Have a great Monday!!!

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  1. Thanks for the props! Since you mentioned coupons...did you stack your coupons at Target to buy the MiO? :-) I am a HUGE coupon fan, too!

    It's funny that you bought the fruit punch because that is the flavor I haven't tried yet. I have also found that I use about 1 and 1/2 squirts for a 16 oz. water bottle. If it is watered down, definitely add a little bit more.