Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I am sitting here now with all my windows open and my attic fan running and it is lovely!!! I think it is about 85 degrees outside today. I have shorts, t-shirt and flip flops on! What could be better :)

Had a good weekend - Went shopping friday night - and I got my ears pierced!!! ha ha ha ha ... I had them pierced once before but they closed pretty fast and haven't had them pierced in about 9 years - I've always wanted to re-pierce them but just never got around to it. Since I am trying to take care of myself and making more of an effort to make myself feel good - I have always wanted to be able to wear cute ear rings and think they add a little something to an outfit - so I finally just did it :)

We had a bday party to go to, swim lessons, hair cuts and we did make it to the farmer's market. It's not the prettiest market but I love it - We got broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, strawberries, pineapple, mushrooms, romaine lettuce and grapefruit for $20!! Its a steal! :)
Here are a few pictures - it was really hard to take them because it was packed!!

 Yummy! I got 5 grapefruits for a $1and they are so good!
 So many people!!

 I have to look away when I pass this bakery - those cookies are soft pieces of heaven and they are the size of your head and they have gooey butter cake that would make you cry tears of joy.
 Meat market ... they've got it all!
 Everyone was getting bloody mary's from here, it was crackin' me up to see them all walkin' around at 9:00 am with their bloody mary and celery ... i like a nice drink but at 9:00 am?!? not so much =)
 Here is my goofy boy with his shades on =)

I got on the scale this morning and saw the lowest number yet 181.5 - hopefully I can keep that until Tuesday when I officially weight in =) ... I have been doing pretty good on the eating this weekend - even with parties and being out shopping - I am finding myself more drawn to the fresh - good for you - foods and less to the junk - I love this feeling =) 

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