Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to Life ... Back to Reality

Well in just a few short hours my vacation week will be over - it's back to work for me tomorrow. While I am really sad that I have to go back to work and have less time with my family - I am so ready to get back on track with my weight loss goals. I completely took last week off - didn't count calories and didn't exercise at all and I ate a TON! We decided to try different places around town we have never eaten at and we also had THREE family bbq's within the last week. I will tell you that I have gained a lot of weight but I know a little effort goes a long way and I already have my lunch packed and ready to go for tomorrow - it is back to the grind .... my body is craving exercise. We did walk a lot through out the week and we kept ourselves busy every single day. We didn't go out of town but we had a WONDERFUL week and that is what is the most important to me. My boys had a ton of fun and I am going to miss them to death tomorrow.

I do regret the weight gain somewhat but at the same time I truly believe there are times when you just have to enjoy yourself and take some "time off" - its getting back to your goals that is the most important. I could take this weight gain and say I'm too tired to go back to running - not counting calories is so much easier than worrying about every bite I take - but I know better, I know how great I have been feeling and I know I still have a long way to go. We got family pictures taken last week and I got so many compliments on how I looked amazing - It made me feel so good - you can't put a price on a feeling like that, I love chocolate but there is no chocolate that is as good as the feeling when someone recognizes your hard work.

So tomorrow at weigh-in, it is not going to be pretty, I know this. But I am getting back on track and I will be back to losing in no time - it is also - TOM - so that's not helping me any ...

Here are a few pics from our vacation - I still have a ton on my camera I haven't uploaded yet ...

Ok, so all of these with exception of the first picture were all taken on the first day ... I need to get the rest uploaded! Anyways, I need to get to bed - early wake up call tomorrow :(


  1. Don't sweat or regret it, just enjoy the great memories and get back to living healthy. Your quote about no chocolate being as good as the accomplishment is a great sign for your future success - keep it up!

  2. cute pics :) I'm glad you had an enjoyable week with your family - no sweat about the weight gain - you already have the right mindset for this week so good luck and I look forward to hearing about your success this week!