Friday, May 6, 2011

Change The Voices In Your Head ...

Make them like you instead .... Words from Pink's song Perfect ... You know I read these blogs about  people running 10k's, half marathons and marathons and they aren't people who have been athletic their whole lives, they started off just like I did - over weight and out of shape. But I still have that voice in the back of my head that says you will never work your way up to that! Hell, I can't even get up the courage to sign up for a flippin' 5K much less run a marathon.  But is it all in my head - I am a fairly healthy person, other than being a little bit over weight I have no medical problems. So could running a marathon really be in my reach if I just disciplined myself and trained?... sometimes I think it's not ... I hear the number 26 and I think - how the hell do people do this?? Really how?? I am soaking wet with sweat and falling on the ground after 3 miles ... Am I wrong for thinking I could never get up to running past 3 miles without  passing out?

Can I "change the voices in my head" - can we really "do anything we put our mind to"?

Another thing I am dealing with and have been dealing with for a long time is a stupid little addicition - I have blogged about it before, but it is still here and it is still bothering me and I really think it affects my weight loss ... It is my addiction to this:
There it is, sitting on my desk like it does every day! - I find myself drinking more of this than water - in fact, its the only thing I do drink other than water. I have to have one every morning and I have no problem stopping at a gas station to get a huge glorious fountain soda ... I know this is not helping my weight loss and I know it makes me feel sluggish but yet that is still not enough to get me to stop. I have GOT to kick this stuff to the curb and I have to do it now! How dumb is it that I seriously let a DRINK control my mood, my schedule - because I have to leave a few mins early in the morning if I know I am going to stop and get one.  Redonkulous! It's got to go! ... So here it is, I am just going to say this is it - that can you see up above is now in the trash ... I am DONE with soda - I HAVE to be done,  it's not good for me, it has no health benefits, it costs me extra money and gas, going out of my way to get one... So I am promising you and myself that I will not drink it any more - i'm done - it's over - good bye forever diet coke, you can kick rocks! .... ha ha! pray for me!


  1. I have gone almost 2 weeks without any soda! It was really hard but you can do it! I hear it is so bad for you, especially the diet stuff. I am hoping that I drop more weight because I kicked the habit. I hope you do too! GOOD LUCK.

  2. Change the voices by not talking and just doing! Sign up for the 5k and work your way up. I did my first 5k and 10ks last year. The 5k was the hardest...partially because I didnt know what to expect. My goal wasnt time but just to finish. I cant explain the overwhelming emotion when I got across that finish line. I wish that for you.

  3. I am a testament to the fact that you CAN do it. Just go out there and do it! What are you waiting for????

    And I totally hear you on the Diet Coke. I have gotten myself down to one 20 oz. bottle per day in the afternoon. Still trying to drink a lot more water, but I'm taking baby steps!