Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Today ... Gone Tomorrow!

So I did it! I got my hair did! .... and I took a whole lotta hair off! ... These pics aren't the best, they are with my phone and my 4 yr old took them - we are all kind of running around like crazy tonight ... The Boys are going camping this weekend and the husband is going crazy trying to get everything together. First time my 4 yr old is going - i'm a little nervous of him being by the water and stuff, but his daddy will take good care of him.

Ok so to the haircut - I will say I like it, not sure that I love it ... I think I may have had a little bit of a different idea in my head but it will do for now... I am also going to dye it darker some time this weekend too because those nasty grays are starting to pop up again and when you have chocolate brown hair those freakin' things are un-hideable! grrrr

So here is the before:

And here is after - i have so much product in my hair right now, i am really curious to see what it looks like after i wash out all the goop!

I have to go help the husband before he loses his mind, last minute planning isn't going so well =) ... Hopefully I can get some better pictures this weekend!!


  1. Super cute! I would LOVE to have my hair cut like that, but I don't have the patience to curl it under or blow dry with that silly round brush. :)

  2. It's adorable!! You look great. :)