Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile!!

Well this week has been a little crazy! Just have had something going on every night - work has been busy and I just haven't had much time to blog or read blogs - I have so much catching up to do!

Anyways, it is Friday! One WOOT for that and I am off work for 10 days after today - double WOOT WOOT!!  :) ... just a little bit happy about that :)

So went grocery shopping on Wednesday so I could use my $10 off $50 purchase and found some yummy low-fat snacks.

First are the Special K cracker/chips ... so good and you can have 27 for 110 calories, LOVE that! They are very good when you want a salty, crunchy snack

This next one is a Kellog's Fiber Plus bar - now typically I cannot eat these, they just make me bloated and very uncomfortable if ya know what I mean! But when I heard of this flavor I had to try them anyways and surprisingly they have not made my stomach hurt at all ... score! Because they are SOOOOOOOO good! They are the the Caramel Coconut Fudge - they taste just like Girl Scout Samoas (sp??) ... very good!!

My son started soccer last night - it was so cute! He had a BLAST! He had to sleep in his soccer t-shirt they gave him :) It isn't really a team - it's more of an instructional thing right now to teach them the basics and then after this he will play on a team where they actually play games. I just love to see my kids being active and having fun, my intention is to keep them involved in as much as possible - as they get older they can choose their activities but I will make sure they are always doing something - I'm not raisin' couch potatoes! :) 

So the scale has been nice to me this week - stepped on this morning and saw 170.5 - wholy crap I am so close to the 160's ... I honestly can't believe it! I really feel on top of the world - I am no where close to goal but I still feel great - ya know I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and that is a GREAT feeling. I don't want to dwell on the number on the scale to determine how I feel - My clothes are getting too big, I have more energy, I don't feel like I have a spare tire around my waste any more... I just feel good!

My dad had one sister and she died on my 24th birthday - it was a sudden death and very sad, I miss her very much and think about her all the time. She was definitely my favorite Aunt and she was an AWESOME person. When she died she left me a ring - I had to have it sized and not too long after I did that I got pregnant and couldn't wear it any more because it didn't fit - well I never lost enough weight to be able to get it back on and I refused to re-size it again ... so today I was able to put the ring on with no problem - so now I can wear her ring and everytime I look at it I can remember her and what a wonderful person she was. This ring was special to her because it was the first ring she bought herself with her own money, it is a very simple ring - she loved jewelry. From the time I was a little girl she would always tell me, when I am gone I want you to have this ring because it is special to me and so are you ... she would always tell me I was her favorite and not to tell any of the other kids (ha ha ha - she was a character!) ...

So this is for you Aunt Rita!! I love you and miss you more each day!

Well I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! Hopefully I will have some good pics of our staycation ... they are saying rain here from today until next Thursday... lol BUT I am not going to let it rain on our parade, we will just have to find indoor activities!!!

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  1. The ring is beautiful. Congrats on being able to put it back on. I have the same prob with my wedding ring. I havent been able to wear anything but the boring band for 2 yrs :(