Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weigh In and a Swinging Good Time ...

It is FINALLY done!!! The swingset that is ... Mother Nature was a big old jerk all weekend and rained on our parade - we did what we could in our garage but were left with a huge mess. Yesterday it was beautiful, sunny and about 65 degrees. The husband is off on Mondays so he called me around 9 and said - take a half day and lets get this thing done! He didn't really have to talk me into leaving work on such a nice day, lol. So we worked from 12:00 pm until around 8:00 pm and it is done and it is awesome ... the kids LOVE it ... so it was worth all the hours spent putting it together.

Here is a crappy pic I took with my phone, I have better ones but was too tired to empty my camera last night ...

There is a little picnic table on the other side and the bottom is a little fort type thing. I was lovin' it until I turned my back for 2 seconds and my 1 year old climbed up the slide and was standing on the top deck... that kid is crazy - scared the crap outta me! So now I will have to watch him like crazy because it only took him 2 seconds to get up that thing.

But anyways - so glad it's done and now the kids can enjoy it for awhile :)

Weigh in was good this morning ... weighed in at 173.5 so I can officially document my 20 lb lost! Woot Woot! ... I ran last night for the first time in too long! I need to stop letting other things get in my way and just do it!! I know I've been slacking and that's no good... trust me last night after working so long on that swingset I would have been more than happy with just taking a nice hot shower and going to sleep ... but I put on my big girl panties, my runnin' shoes and got my butt in gear and I felt great when I was done. I have come a long way but I'm only half way there - no time to start slackin' now!

Went shopping on Sunday - got a giftcard for Mother's Day and it was burning a whole in my pocket .. lol ... I have to say I know I have only lost 20 lbs but trying on clothes is SO MUCH BETTER NOW! I love it - I took in a pile of clothes into the fitting room and liked every single thing I tried on - that NEVER happened before. I would take in a pile and be lucky to find 1 that fit right or didn't make me look like a pig in a blanket! ... Shopping CAN be fun! My birthday is next month and all I want is another giftcard! My husband is in trouble now - before I could careless about clothes because I hated the way I looked in them so I stuck to baggy shirts and jeans and only went shopping when my clothes were literally falling apart - not any more! My husband won't know what to do when I start filling my closet - currently he has more clothes than I do!

So anyways, I hope you all are having a fantastic week - I am on vacation all next week and I can't wait! We are just doing a staycation but we plan on doing something everyday, no sitting at home... yay!!


  1. That swing-set looks like a child's dream! I also like your drive/motivation for the stay-cation....you'll have to keep us posted on the activities you plan on doing.

  2. Good job running after working on the swing set! Thats very inspiring! I would have just sat around. Keep up the good work :)