Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weigh In Day ....

So last week I was 178, this week I weighed 175 ... so down 3 lbs and yet I am still somewhat disappointed. Don't get me wrong I am VERY happy I didn't get a gain but I am tired of messing around with this 3 lbs going back and forth - I should be lower by now. I want that 173.5 so badly! It would be my first big hurdle in this journey that I can cross off my list! It's time to get serious, I am not working my butt of for nothing. 1-1/2 lbs in a week is so doable, I think I will even reach it before my next weigh in. I am claiming it right now that by at least my next weigh in I will be at 173.5! I can do this =)

I am continually running 3 miles now and enjoying it =) ... Got my fastest time last night of 34:33 ... I know I am ready for a 5K I just have to get the nerve to sign up for one =) .... Last night I ran about half a lap at 7.0, I did it towards the end so I felt like my legs were going to collapse beneath me but I did it and it felt good ... I remember when 4.0 felt like I was dying and now I am running most of the 3 miles at a 6.0 - 6.5 ... its amazing what our bodies can do if we push them! ... I am almost ready to call myself a runner =)

If you are just starting on your journey - I just want to encourage you that it will get easier - if you have a few slip ups, just pick yourself up and keep on going - don't quit! It will pay off in the end, we all make mistakes, we all get off course from time to time but the end result is worth every mistep! You CAN do this!!

I am going to get my haircut sometime in the next few days, I am going to make a drastic change! =) I will definitely post pics - going to cut about 6" or so off ... my hair is now right under my shoulder blade and I plan on getting it cut chin length - I am in much need of a change with my hair! I am sick of it just hanging in my face and its about summer time so a nice short cut will be good - my husband won't be too happy, he hates my hair short, but oh well, its hair, it grows =)

Well I hope you have a GREAT day! and Hello and Welcome to any new readers from PriorFatGirl, hope you can stick with me on my journey to getting healthy!!


  1. Yes I am a reader from prior fat girl and I will be reading your blog as well, best of luck on your journey also. Thanks for the friendly advice too :)

  2. Sam, I'm sorry you didn't win the PFG spot, but you sure do have something to be proud of! It takes a lot to put yourself out there for the world to read!
    Congrats on your weightloss thus far! Keep it up girl! You are doing great!

  3. I am now a follower (I was one of the fellow nine moms-so sorry you didn't get it either). Congrats on the three pounds, that is a great loss. Also, the running is great I am thinking of starting a couch to 5k in the near future and work on that over the summer while on vacation (I am a teacher so I have a bit more free time) Congrats again on the great loss

  4. Hi there..I'm also a new follower from the Prior Fat Girl site. I can't wait to read more of your journey (and congrats on running 3 miles!)

  5. You can do it Sam! I'm a fellow Future Prior Fat Girl that didn't win, but I'm glad to be able to follow your journey. You are already inspiring me with your running!