Thursday, May 12, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes ...

I really want to get out of the habit of weighing daily but I am so scared that I might go up and not realize it - to me the mentality is that if I see a little rise in the scale I will work extra hard to get it back down - so why not just treat every day like I saw a rise in the scale?? I dunno - I think maybe because I also get such great satisfaction when I see a loss. I want to see the numbers go down ... but I also don't want to become addicted to the scale and base all my emotions on it because if I see a gain on it, it truly does change my whole mood. Especially if I feel I have been working extra hard.

Last night was one of those fortunate times I saw a loss and an awesome one at that - recap: I needed to be 173.5 to have lost 20 lbs - this is what I saw last night:

This made me very happy to see - but I know from much experience with the scale - that number can change over night! So I also try not to get too excited until I am at a certain weight for a few days and know its not going to go up or down ... So, while I was EXTREMELY happy to see that number, I will not record it, I will only record my weight on weigh in day ... and I am going to *try* to not weigh again until weigh in day - once a week is going to be my goal.... I can do it! I might even have the husband hide it until weigh in day... It is really THAT bad!

I hope you are all having a great week - it's almost over ... yay!  


  1. I left a comment but I cant tell if you got it or not. :D Congrats on the loss! My official weigh in day is on Tuesday too. Your results make me feel a little hopeful...

  2. AWESOME! Look at you shrink. :) I like to weigh every day too but sometimes it can really have a toll on my mood. So with you on *trying* to do it once a week. :) Great job!

  3. That's awesome Sam! And the irony is that while you're trying to limit your weigh in's, I'm trying to increase them! haha. I've always been good about weighing only once/week but I feel that if I can weigh myself daily and see some progress, that it will help motivate me to stay on track. It's a fine line between using it for motivation and then becoming obsessed with it. Still, nice work!

  4. That's awesome Sam!! I'm also guilty of hopping on the scale between weigh-in days. Sometimes I wish the scale would just disappear.