Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Five ....

Can't believe it's Friday again already and can't believe I haven't blogged about anything good this week - note to self: fix that woman! 

Ok so here are my 5 random questions for this week:

1. What ticks you off?
How long do you have?? Ha ha! I kid! .... Well #1. People that don't know how to drive, Oh Lord help me to not rip the person's head off that jumps in my lane and then decides to go 5 mph when I am in am already running late for work! Or those jerks that don't give you a wave when your nice enough to let them over  - I didn't have to let you over you know! Jerkbags!  ... and the other thing that ticks me off more than anything is people chewin' with their flippin mouth open!! There is a guy at my work that eats CHIPS regularly and I can hear him down the friggin street crunchin' on those things, I have never wanted to slap someone upside the head and ask - were you born in a friggin barn?!?!?! ... Seriously - chewing = mouth closed!!

2. What in your life has been an inspiration?
Well I could be cheesy and say my parents...  because they truly are an inspiration, they have taught me how to be a good person, to be honest and to put others before me - but that would be lame =) ... Other inspirations come from the numerous blogs I have found in the last year or so regarding weight loss - there are too many to name but if you ever want to be inspired to lose weight just take a look at some of these weight loss blogs - they truly are amazing!

3. Who do you admire the most?
Hmm ... this is tough - again I could say my parents (they really are awesome guys!) ... I am gonna go with them - I admire them so much more now that I am a parent. When you are a kid you take SO MUCH for granted! Now that I am the parent I realize just how hard it is and how hard you have to work to support your family and the many sacrifces you have to make when you have children. My parents had 3 kids and we all turned out as decent and kind people. We have all made our mistakes but our parents have always been there to help through each one. So I admire them for being the best parents they could be and if I am half the parent they were to me, I will consider myself accomplished!

4. What do you consider weird?
She is a total nutbag!!! Can't stand her!
5. Whats one weird fact about you ?
I have to have some kind of noise when I sleep - a fan, a tv, a radio ... I cannot sleep in complete silence! This drives my husband crazy =)

Have a GREAT weekend - Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!!

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