Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun - Friday Five

Ok - so since I live an extremely boring life, most of the time, sometimes I find it hard to find things to blog about. So on Fridays unless something earth-shattering happens (not likely) I am just going to do a Friday Five. This will just reassure you that I am indeed a nut bag =)

I stole this from a blog archive on a random site - so it was totally not my idea but they are my answers =)

1. If you were suddenly unable to make any excuses, what could you realistically do today to address whatever in your life is keeping you from being healthy and happy?

Get off my ass!! I have been finding it so hard to get moving lately and I have no good excuse as to why not. I am not injured, I don't have THAT much going on that I can't find time to exercise.. I am just being lazy! Also, I'm not drinking my water - at all! The amount of diet soda I consume on a daily basis is pretty much disgusting, it's not normal for real!  .... So I could get off my ass and start drinking friggin water already and kick soda to the curb - I know those two things alone would definetly kick the weight loss into over drive!

2. What are your feelings about professional wrestling?

I friggin hate it!! The fakest crap I have EVER seen - if it comes on in a room, I immediately exit. Seriously the stuff makes my skin crawl! That said I used to watch Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Undertaker, Rick Flair, Jake the Snake and all those crazy guys every Saturday morning with my dad and brothers - thats when it was some what fun and I was too young for the fakeness to bother me ... I don't wrestle, I beat biatches up! (I will give you a million high fives if you can tell me what that is from).

3. What is the brightest, most colorful article of clothing you actually wear once in a while?

Oh Geeez ... I usually keep it pretty low key when it comes to clothing - mostly because I've been fat and wanted to kind of "blend in" ... so once this weight comes off it will be a full blown rainbow in my closet =) ... holla!

4. What’s something you do, not because you want to or because someone’s compelling you, but because it’s the right thing to do?

Dude, this is a pretty deep question for a Friday afternoon ... I got nothin' .....

5. What’s a food you’ll keep eating until it either runs out or someone stops bringing it to the table?

Tacobell - its the best but I would never want to know what is really in it ... if I ever found out it would ruin my life forever! Now that I am "watching what I eat" ... I still indulge in my TB from time to time, I just make it Fresco style baby ...



  1. Put up your hand because it was Coral from the Real World/Road Rules Challenges...

  2. LOL at this post and Terri's comment!

  3. Shut the front door!! Terri you are freakin' awesome ... that is an inside joke between my husband and I - we laughed so hard when she said that, so now anytime I want get angry with someone - i just say ... I don't wrestle!! and my husband knows what i mean! lol ... LOVE that you knew that =)

  4. That IS hilarious! My husband and I used to be faithful followers of that show and I used to just roll laughing at Coral. The good news is that you used the edited version... Too funny!