Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weigh-In and Re-Evaluation

So today was weigh-in day, I did have a loss since last week - down to 173.5 (again) ... While I should be happy with a loss I still kind of disappointed in myself.  I am going back and forth on the scale - I weighed 173.5 3 weeks ago - I could be in the 160's by now.. I need to get myself together! While I definitely enjoyed my "week off" and still think that it is ok to do that every once in awhile, I have also definitely found it hard to get back into the swing of things. I find myself starting to track my food at the beginning of the day but then by the end of the day I am just eating what I "think" is right and not really calculating - for me that is dangerous! That is why I had to quit doing Weight Watchers points - because if I didn't know the points for something I started guesstimating and that just didn't work. I have also been slacking in the exercise department - last night I literally had to drag myself onto the treadmill. I am still kind of shocked I even did it. I dreaded every minute of it and I was miserable - this is not good! I need to - want to - exercise and up until now, I have had that craving for some kind of physical activity, I love to sweat!

So after dealing with all of this and thinking it over I think it is time for some re-commiting, I CANNOT give up at this point - it's not an option! ...  I still have a loooooong way ahead of me! ... So I have decided, no more "breaks" until I am at least to my goal and even then, nothing crazy, lol. I want to go back to setting small goals and having something to work towards. My first mini-goal will be to be in the 160's by my birthday, which is June 27th - so 3 weeks to lose 4.5 lbs - I can do that! I also want to challenge myself to track EVERYDAY for a month - if I can do it for a month I just might make it a permanent habit. I always do well during the week while going to work - its easy to stick to routine there. But like most others, the weekends always kill me. I NEVER track on the weekends - I just try to "watch" what I eat - gotta break this habit! The other challenge is I want to work out at least 5 days a week - I know things come up and your body just needs rest sometimes but I think 5 days is a good number for me.

So here are my goals thus far:
1. Be in the 160's by my birthday, June 27th.
2. Track my calories - EVERYDAY.
3. Workout at least 5 days a week.

I am also changing my weigh in days to Wednesday - just because I feel like changing it up a bit.

So here is to recommiting myself and getting back at it! It's my choice - and I choose to kill this fat once and for all 8)      


  1. "I am just eating what I "think" is right and not really calculating - for me that is dangerous!" - this says it all, Sam.
    Sorry to hear so much disappointment from you, please be kind to Sam. This has to be a process, and a life-long one at that, never a quick-fix.
    Roadbumps happen, waves of motivation or lack come, it's all part of life so just roll with it, get back up as often as necessary and keep pushing ahead!

  2. I had the same problem as you as far as tracking on the weekends... Even when I was still using ETools, I would paper track on the weekends and that helped (I picked up this tip from another blogger I think). I guess because part of my lack of tracking on the weekends was because I didn't want to stay tethered to my computer and/or phone. I look forward to a positive update next week :)

  3. I am right there with you! I have totally slacked lately, and while I'm still very much in this fight, my heart isn't as into it as it should be. I have not gained anything at this point, but to only lose 1 pound in a two week time span is SO dissapointing! I also hear you about the weekends. That is when I generally lose myself. It just isn't fair when my husband gets to eat what he wants and I can't have any of the good stuff!