Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Not Me ???

So I haven't been blogging but I've been a crazy lurker on other blogs - basically because I've had nothing good to blog about and I am still not fully on track. Today after reading story after story of weight loss success and people just finally getting with it and doing what's best for them and changing their lives..  It's like a friggin light bulb went off ... I sit here day in and day out and I watch other people make their dreams come true, I see other people make healthy decisions, I see other people post weight loss after weight loss - and I think wow, that is awesome, if only I could be one of "them" ... Well,  hello dumb ass! - You CAN!!! ..

Why Not Me?!?! ... seriously, its getting old putting things off - not running tonight because this or that happened and I just don't feel like it - eating crap because the house isn't stocked with the best foods at the moment - putting off one more friggin day of things I CAN do today if I just got off my butt and did it!

There is no reason I can't be a "success story" - there is no reason I can't take the phrase "results not typical" and shred it to bits and get my own kick ass results!

I am going to do this! I am going to transform my body and I am going to know what it feels like to be the best me! Inside and out! ... I'm tired of the execuses.. I'm tired of watching everyone else succeed and wishing that little ole poor me could do it also ... It's time!

And if you're still reading after my repeat of - enough of enough posts - thank you! It's gonna get better, I promise!


  1. You can do this Sam! Do you have support systems in place to check in on you? I found those support systems to be really important to my success.

  2. Sam, I am RIGHT THERE with you!