Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Truth Hurts ... and Weekend Review =)

Ok, so my in-laws left today after being here since last Friday. It was good to see them; we haven't seen them since last Christmas. The boys love them and miss them a lot, so it's always good for them to spend time with them when they can. I love having them but it is truly a lot of work having guests - trying to make enough food, keep them entertained, make sure they have everything they need ... it takes a lot out of you! But there is nothing like family so its worth it =)

So I got on the scale this morning - as my title say, The Truth Hurts!!! Bad!!! ... weighed in at 185.5 =( ... I am happy it's not back to my starting point but I swore I would never see the 180's again and here I am. But you know what I'm not gonna let it get me down, I am going to take it and I'm gonna get my ass movin' and get this weight off - nuff said =)

So Saturday we had a family bonfire at a local "country farm" - they have apples, peaches, strawberries for picking at different times throughout the year - they also have a pumpkin patch and sell Christmas trees - so a little bit of everything - but every year in Sept and Oct they rent out bonfire sites, they provide the hay bails to sit on and the fire wood and fire - you bring whatever food and drink you want and then they have rides and fun things for the kids to do - its a great fun family event for the kids and adults =)

I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy having fun - but here are a few...

My boys before we left for the bonfire - my youngest makes me work for his smiles, he wasn't giving in for this one! Ha!

They had a blast petting and feeding the goats =)

The husband roasting a WEENIE =)

Layton on a pony =)

Me and my twin =) ... not really but we like to tell people that!! ha ha!

A tire swing is always fun =)

 There was a lot more but like I said I was having too much fun to take pics ... Sunday we slept in and then I made a huge dinner for everyone and we watched the Cardinals win the pennant and make their way to the WORLD SERIES!! Which starts tonight by the way - can't wait! I will be watching it while I get my butt back on the treadmill!

So that's been my last couple of days - ready to get started with getting this weight off - so food journals (hopefully w/pictures) to come!

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