Friday, January 6, 2012

Do I smell bacon?!?!

Ok, so I am officially doing the Couch to 5K program - I started on week 2 just because I am cool like that ;) ... It was very easy for me to do, so I may end up skipping to week 3 but a part of me thinks I should just take it slow and follow it like I'm supposed to because it won't be easy for long! ... So anyways last night I'm on the treadmill and for some unknown reason my 5 year old loves to watch me on the treadmill, he thinks its cool - I guess just because he sees his crazy mom running on some foreign machine, I dunno. So him and his little brother were watching me and my youngest (he is 1) is getting awfully close to the treadmill, I tell him to get back and be careful and just as I say that I turn my head to increase the speed and that little monster stepped on the treadmill!! It was like one of those America's Funniest Home Video clips, it completely knocked him off is feet and rolled him right off, luckily there was some space at the end so he just rolled off but it scared the crap out of him and me. He has a few red marks on his face and hand from the belt rubbing on him. I felt so bad but once I knew he was ok I couldn't help but laugh, I bet he never tries that one again!! Or at least I hope not! ha ha. 

So once I got him all cleaned up and he was done screaming =0) ... I got back on the treadmill and back into my run - mind you this was 8:00 pm right before the kids go to bed and after we had, had dinner and went to the grocery store. I am running on my merry little way and all of a sudden I smell bacon - the husband was upstairs frying bacon, just for the hell of it. He might as well have come down and put a piece of chocolate cake on the treadmill while I ran. I love bacon, who doesn't?? If you don't there is really something wrong with you and you should see a doctor ... bacon makes everything better =) ... What made it worse is after the run I go upstairs and he is like babe you have to try this it is so good - he got the "good stuff" the extra thick cut, not paper thin bacon. I wanted to take my soggy sweaty Nike off and womp him over the head with it! Don't wave bacon in front of a fat girl trying to lose weight!! Hello?!?!

So needless to say I am definitely going to have some temptations and distraction along the way but I will just womp them over the head and keep on runnin' =) ... all about the determination baby!  We are going to the farmer's market tomorrow and I can't wait - going to stock up on some fruits and veggies and NO BACON!

Took a peek at the scale this morning - down 2 lbs .. holla! ... I will take that. The weekends are always my biggest struggle when trying to lose weight; so this time around I plan on focusing extra hard on the weekends to stick to my plan... I got this! I will let you know what I get from the market tomorrow, maybe I'll try something new! Until then - stay away from the bacon!! =)


  1. Do you go to Costco? They have a super yummy bacon that is reduced sodium. It is SO good and like 1/2 the sodium of regular bacon. That is our go-to bacon these days. That's a great idea to really focus your energy on the weekends. Those are always the hardest for me too. Keep it up Sam!

  2. Poor little guy! That is definitely the kind of stuff you see on AFHV. Way to go at getting back to the treadmill after the interruption... I would have used that as an excuse to stop all together!