Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Filled Weekend

Man did this weekend go fast!! It was a very uneventful weekend for me and I welcome that 100%! After the holidays we were exhausted after rushing here and there. I did go to the market Saturday but I didn't take pics of what I got because it was pretty much the same as last week. It was VERY cold here this weekend so there weren't as many vendors out as there usually are so it was kind of slim pickin's but I still managed to get what I needed.

After the market, my younger brother came over and we watched movies all day long!! I think we watched 3 total - the first was The Lazerus Project - with Paul Walker... very good, I enjoyed it! Then we watched a documentary on 9/11 called Loose Change, I think it was - it was kind of boring to me and it was getting into the whole "9/11 was a set up" and I just didn't want to hear about it so I messed around on facebook and pinterest most of the time during that one. The final movie was Limitless, which I had already seen but really liked and my brother hadn't seen it so I didn't mind re-watching it. Then my brother left and I went to bed!

Sunday we woke up and needed to go grocery shopping badly, so we did so. We are really trying to save money so we went to the Market, and 2 other grocery stores but we still spent well over $100 ... we are finding that it is almost impossible to not spend at least $100 a week for a family of 4 ... what is your experience? Do you spend more or less than that? ... We did the whole extreme couponing for awhile and it was fun but sooooooo time consuming, I just got tired of being a slave to my coupons. I have to say we are considering doing it again because we did get some things stockpiled and we are starting to run low and I think it did save us some money but at the same time I just don't know if the time is worth the savings, as in do I really save that much?? ... What are your thoughts?

After grocery shopping we came home and had yet again another movie night!! My husband rented 4 movies from redbox. First we watched Beautiful Boy - very heartbreaking, about parents whose son is the shooter in a school shooting and what it is like for them, kind of "the other side" of the story movie ... it was good but sad. Then we watched Fast Five - not my kind of movie but I liked it. Then Moneyball, it was good but kind of slow and I ended up falling asleep, lol. We still have The Hangover 2 to watch, the husband has seen it but I have not. I am excited because I loved the first one, very funny stuff.

So that was my lazy very uneventful weekend - I am trying a new recipe tomorrow so I will be sharing that with you - it is from Skinny Taste and its called Chicken Rollitini ... tonight we are just doing leftovers, I made Chicken Curry last night in the crockpot (so good!!!). I LOVE crockpot recipes where you can just throw in the ingredients and walk away and have a delicious meal just waiting for you at the end of the day. If you like chicken curry this is a must try!!

Ok that is all for now, I am at work and need to finish some things up. Just wanted to drop in and let ya'll know I am still here =) ... Weigh-in tomorrow!


  1. oooh Ive been tempted by beautiful boy but havent yet.
    feared it would be too to heartwrenching.


  2. I wish I could go to the grocery store and spend less than $100. My trip on Friday was $225 and that's for a family of 4. I don't do any couponing, although maybe I should. I have a hatred of coupons that goes back to when my mom used to use them. So I doubt I would ever get into that.

    It was a weekend of movies for us too. Although 2 of the movies we saw were in the movie theater. The devil inside and Contraband. The Devil Inside was so bad, I wanted my money back. Contraband was really good. It's more of a guys movie but it has Mark Walhberg in it.