Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not The Biggest Loser ... but

I will take it! ... So today was weigh in number 1 and while I would love to see a crazy number like the contestants on The Biggest Loser, I did not, and that's not realistic for me anyways. I lost 2 lbs. While that is a great loss I would hope for a little more on  week 1 but if I am totally honest with myself I know that I was not 100% on my food choices. I need to buckle down and start recording every bite - I know what works and I need to stick to that. It is so easy to take little bites and tastes here and there and not even realize you're doing it. I really want to get this under control and like I said write down EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. I know this may seem extreme but it is what I personally have to do. Some people can maybe be a little more lenient but I cannot. If I really want this weight to come off I need to turn into a Calorie Nut and get crazy with it =) ... I think once the weight is off it will be easier to judge and maintain without being so crazy but until it is off ... I need to write down EVERY bite, lick and taste!

Starting Monday - I am going to start doing a digital food journal on here. I think it helps me to have to show others what I ate and to also see it and I want to list the calories out as well. Any kind of accountability will help me. I need to do a meal plan each week as well - I did not do that this week and now I am struggling to find things to bring for lunch and make for dinner - it always help if you have a plan!

Well that is all for now - sorry, not a very exciting post but wanted to get my weigh in recorded.

Have a great day!!

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