Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In = Womp, Womp

Yeah weigh-in was just not good today but that's ok. I am not gonna let it get me down. I will just work that much harder this week so next week's weigh in is freakin' amazing =)

I am just gonna keep on smilin' and know that givin' up ain't an option baby!
Horrible, fuzzy camera pic taken in the bathroom at work, but you get the point, ha ha
Anyways - nuff bout the crappy weigh in. Oh it was 190.0 by the way, lol. So, up 1.5 lb ... no biggie =)

So I went to a baby shower this weekend and I was inspired by my husband's aunt. The food was horrible, or at least there wasn't anything healthy to choose from I should say. The momma must have been craving some comfort foods because that is pretty much all they had. There was fried chicken strips, toasted ravioli with marinara sauce, mac n cheese (the real kind, no box stuff goin' on here), mostaccioli (a St. Louis must have, lol), dollar sandwiches, cheese and a couple fruit options. I got 2 chicken strips, 2 toasted ravs, one little dollar roll with ham and some pineapple. But back to my inspiration - his aunt didn't eat anything. She says she is trying to watch what she eats so she ate an omlet before she came because she didn't want to be tempted. Now why didn't I think of that? Instead of thinking, I will just eat a little bit of this or a little bit of that, why not eat a nice healthy meal before I go to these kinds of events and then I don't have to worry about what they do have. I was proud of myself for resisting the cupcakes - they were cute little cupcakes with mile high buttercream frosting (my fav!) with ducks on top ... it was yellow cake though so it wasn't hard to resist - had it been chocolate I dunno if I would have the same story .. ha ha.

Another example of - thinking ahead - is I went to my grandma's over the weekend to help her clean her house.  I knew I would be there a few hours and it was around lunch time but I didn't prepare for that. She made everyone these jumbo hotdogs - she has one of those machines that rolls the hotdog and cooks it slowly, like 7-eleven, ha ha! It makes them taste amazing. I did only have one but I'm sure the calories were through the roof. Point is, I should have planned for this by either eating before I went over there or bringing something with me. If I want to lose this weight I can't be afraid to bring along food or simply say No Thank You! .. Time to man up!

Today my mom invited me to dinner on Thursday night to celebrate my older brother's bday and she is making lasagna... Now there is nothing more in this world I would rather eat than my momma's cookin' - the woman can throw down in the kitchen but she also cooks like Paula Deen and if I'm not careful I will be the one with diabetes! You know what I'm sayin? ... So I will ask if she is having a salad with it and just make myself a nice big salad or I will bring my own dinner along, I know my mom won't mind.

You have to do what you have to do to get what you want! So don't be afraid to bring your own food or just say no thank you, I already ate ... It's really not that big of a deal =)

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  1. I love how you didn't allow your weigh-in to get you down! You're right, it's not a big deal to not eat food when you are at parties. I always worry about offending the host, but most people really do understand and respect your ability to say "No, thank you".