Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Weekend ...

I had an awesome weekend of NO plans... and it was glorious! I left the house twice ... once to go to the grocery store and once to take my awesome 5 year old to get his first ever frozen yogurt, he loved it and thought it was so cool that he could get the "icecream" himself and then pick all the fun toppings - he saw gummy worms and valentine's hearts and he said "You mean I can put that on my icecream?" ... ha ha, so he thought that was pretty neat.

Here is a horrible pic I tried taking with my phone - he moved so it looks kinda blurry:

I love frozen yogurt - I haven't convinced the husband yet that it's good, I think he just hears the word yogurt and loses interest... oh well, more for me =)

We went to the grocery store and I stocked up on plenty of good eats for the week. I did so well this weekend in the eating department and I bought some MiO to put in my water so I was drinking water all weekend. I think I will see a loss tomorrow =)

I've decided I REALLY REALLY want to try keeping a photo food log, I just think that knowing I have to take a picture and post what I eat would just make me that much more accountable. It is very hard for me to remember to take a picture before I eat though, for some reason. But here is what I've got so far today.

My new favorite snack/breakfast:
Low-fat cottage cheese, fresh blackberries and chopped walnuts.
Mid-morning snack:
I love this yogurt, only 80 calories!
and Lunch:
Sandwich thin w/oven roasted chicken lunch meat and steamed chinese vegetables.

So that comes to about 550 calories for the day - that is pretty low as far as calories go. I am trying to stay under 1500 calories for now. I have tried 1400 and lower in the past and some days I feel like I am starving. So to get started 1500 is where I am aiming. So with that in mind, that leaves me with 950 calories for dinner and possibly a snack or something. I feel really satisfied though and not hungry at all but I am guessing by the time I get home I will be ready for dinner... I would like to try to stick with about 800 calories during the day leaving me around 700 for dinner, usually my biggest meal of the day.

So I am off to a great start with this challenge and I am looking foward to my weigh in tomorrow. I am not looking for a huge loss because honestly before this weekend I wasn't doing all that great. I have figured that I need to lose a minimum of 1.5 lbs per week to get to my 30th birthday goal, so as long as I lose at least that much I will be happy.

So hopefully you will be seeing more food journals and I can remember to take pictures! Hope you all have a great week! It is snowing here today, I am hoping it isn't too bad for the drive home, I hate driving in the snow! 

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