Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time Flies When Your Having Fun ...

So I just made the call and set an appointment to register my baby for Kindergarten. I have to admit the thought of it gives me a mild panic attack. He isn't going to preschool and is with my mom on days that I work so the thought of him being with strangers all day scares the snot out of me. Him and his brother did go to daycare for a short period of time when my mom hurt her back so I have left him with other people before but I still worry about him. He will have to ride the bus in the morning and we will pick him up from "after care" in the evenings. I do worry about other things too, probably things I shouldn't focus too much on, but will the other kids be nice to him, will he be scared, will his teacher be a good one, how will the other kids influence him because no matter what you teach them they will choose their own coarse in life (see I go way to deep with this stuff, he is 5, not 15, lol) ... I can't believe it's time for school already - these 6 years have flown by!

Thinking about all of this really makes me sit back and think and realize that I have to live in the moment. No matter what weight I am, I have to live in the moment! I want to remember these days when my boys are young as good times. I don't want to remember them as me constantly worry about my weight and not doing things with my boys because of it. I have to be happy with who I am now so I can enjoy my kids while they are still young and influenced by my choices.

I will be a mom who plays tag in the backyard and can kick a soccer ball like no other. I will take my boys swimming because they love it, no matter how I may look in a swimming suit at the time. Because they won't remember what mom looked like in a swimming suit but they will remember the time we spent together and the memories we make.

Time flies when you are having fun - so make the best of the time you have, no matter what size you are.

Live in the moment!

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