Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weigh In

Today was my first weigh in of my 30 by 30 challenge and I weighed in at 186.5 - that is down 3 lbs from last week! I will take that =) 27 lbs to go ...

I feel so much better lately and I sure cutting down on the crappy foods has helped. I have also stopped drinking soda all together. I've talked about it before but I am a sodaholic - completely addicted to it but I hated the fact that I was so addicted to it that I would actually become crabby and irratible if I didn't have one and I would go out of my way to go to a gas station just to get a soda... It was just getting out of hand. Anyways, I haven't had a soda in a week and I honestly don't want one.

I have also started taking a "supplement" I guess you could call it. It's called Maca Root. *Maca is grown at high elevations in the Andes region of central Peru. It has been used for centuries by indigenous Peruvians as a food source, as well as for increasing stamina and energy. More recent scientific studies have demonstrated that Maca supports hormanal balance and both male and female reprodutive health.* < This is what the bottle says =) ...  and this is what the bottle looks like:

We heard about this from a friend who read about it in a book and started taking it and had good results from doing so. He said his skin cleared up and has never been so soft and not dry and it also has given him a ton of energy - he swears by it and says he has never felt better. So being a crazy working mom of 2 rambuncious boys I had to give this a try - it is all natural, so I liked that. Our friend actual takes it in powder form and puts it in his tea but they said it tastes horrible so when I saw there was a pill I thought that was more up my alley =) I have only been taking it since Saturday but I can already see a difference in my skin and like I said I feel "refreshed" I guess you could say - or just not as sluggish. I am very awake and alert, not falling asleep at my desk. At night I don't eat and then feel like a slug, I feel like I can actually do things around the house and exercise ... not falling asleep at 7:00 pm watching t.v. ... so who knows, maybe its all in my head but whatever it is, I like it! It is also supposedly good for people with reproductive issues but I no longer have to worry about that ... no more babies for me! I read some things that said it also increases sex drive - which lets face it, working full time, taking care of two kids and the house, at the end of the day sex is the last thing on my mind so for my husband's sake any help in that area is welcomed too! ha ha

Yesterday was a stressful ride home, it started snowing really hard about an hour before I left work so that meant a traffice mess! I live in a very hilly neighborhood and once I got to my subdivision it was hell - took me forever to get up the hills and then slide down them - I HATE drive in the snow, it scares me and I want nothing to do with it, so that doesn't help when I start slipping and sliding and screaming HELP ME JESUS at the top of my lungs while I grip the handle so tight my knuckles just about bust out of my fingers. Driving in snow = not a good time for Sam ... this was my view:

Once I got home I scarfed down dinner, forgetting to take a pic, surprise surprise. But it was a broiled pork chop, green beans and corn. After eating I calculated my calories for the day and realized I had about 400 calories left so I whipped up one of my favorite snacks:

Sandwich Thin, 1 tbs Peanut Butter and 1/2 banana = about 250 cal
Breakfast was the same as yesterday - I am now remembering why I wasn't eager to do a photo food journal. I tend to get "stuck" on the same things. I will eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch all week sometimes because it's easy and especially if I really like it - like my cottage cheese mix I have going on now. However, I am out of cottage cheese so tomorrows breakfast will be different =)
Little over 1/2 C cottage cheese, fresh blackberries (smashed) and 1 Tbsp walnut chips

I hope my awesome weigh in leads to an awesome day! Happy Valentine's day to everyone =) ... The husband and I will be celebrating on Saturday night. He is actually going to take me to see The Vow with Channing Tatum (My hollywood Lover!) and Rachel McAdams. I Can. Not. Wait. ... I seriously love Channing Tatum just a little too much, what can I say, the man is beautiful! ... Anyways, so we are doing dinner and a movie... I hate fighting the Valentine's Day crowds and honestly I could care less about V-day - to me its just another Hallmark Holiday ... but if you enjoy it, more power to ya!

Have a good day!!


  1. I was down 2 lbs from last week. I'm trying to do the challenge along with you. We did our Valentine's Day dinner and a movie last Friday night and saw "The Vow". It's good and Channing Tatum is delicious in it! lol. There is a very good scene in it, won't tell you about it but once you see it you will know exactly what I mean :)