Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Randomness

Is anyone else experiencing this AHHHMAZING weather??? I love it - got the shorts and flip flops out this week. However, I do live in St. Louis so I won't be surprised if I am shoveling snow off the driveway next week, but as of right now I am sitting at the kitchen table with the windows open and the attic fan on, enjoying life.

Lovin' the Weather

Weird question - does it make sense to exercise at 9:00 pm and then get up and exercise at 7:00 am?? We didn't get home until later this evening and I couldn't workout until 9 - I thought about skipping it and just waiting until morning, but I didn't want anything to stop me because who knows what the morning will bring. However, we have 2 parties to go to tomorrow one late afternoon and one in the evening so my only hope of exercise is early in the morning - does it make sense to go to bed and get up and exercise again? It's better than not exercising all day right???

Saw this sign today at a beauty shop - it made me laugh.

I want this.

I want to be his baby-momma.

Thinkin' about cutting my hair like so.

You know you're a mom when the highlight of your Friday night was going to Target and buying a new pair of $2.50 flip flops ... don't be jealous, we can't all be Freakin' Awesome!!

Now I must go to bed because I am exhausted from all the awesomeness that is my life!

Have a great weekend =)


  1. Since the post is random my comments will be random as well.
    1-our weather has been cold and windy :(
    2-I want that fire ring thing too! Closest thing to a fire pit we have is the dirt hole in the backyard that my husband used last night to burn tumble weeds!
    3-We will have to share Channing. He is too yummy for just one person! I told my husband this so I don't feel bad typing it.
    4-Her hair is adorable and if I wasn't trying to grow mine out I would totally get this cut. Not sure I would be able to style it as cute as she does though...though she probably has a hair stylist do her hair for her.

  2. I think that if you're motivated at that moment in time to exercise, do it! Even if it hasn't been 24 hrs since you last exercised! I don't think it's going to hurt. I like to try to keep the momentum going no matter what.