Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday and I know It!!

See how happy I am!!
Taking a quick pic at work before anyone see's me...LOL!!
It is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so we have lots of yard work on the agenda. We also have a family bday party to attend but other than that we hope to be outside a lot! 

So I have joined the 30 Day Shred challenge - before pics have been taken but will not be posted until 30 days (because I am hoping for some drastic changes cuz they aren't pretty folks!!... ha ha) ... I'm doing Level 2 to start - still feel like hurling when I am done so I think it's a pretty good workout.. ha!

Watched the Hungry For Change documentary last night - good info. Seems like "clean eating" is finally becoming more popular - the more we learn about what is in all of our processed foods, the more scared we are getting to eat it. I myself would love to become more of a clean eater - it's a work in progress. If you haven't yet watched it, click here, you've got one more day to watch it for free. Very informative!

Ok, well I am getting ready to leave work so you all have a great weekend!!!

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