Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Time ...

Ok, how pathetic is it that in a matter of 2 months I have lost only 8.5 lbs ... Its REALLY sad and quite frankly I am sick of it. It's time to step it up, NOW, before I let another 8 weeks go by without making some kind of a dent in the FIFTY FREAKING POUNDS I still have to lose. I am done coasting by, half assing my eating and exercise, enough is enough!

I started the 30 Day Shred on Tuesday, I ran Monday but decided I wanted to add something else to the mix. If you haven't tried The Shred, you need to. It really is a kick ass workout. Its only 20 minutes but by the end I am dripping sweat and crying for my momma. And after doing it 2 days in a row it takes all the effort I have just to get up out of my chair and hurts like a mother trying to walk down stairs. I am telling you this is a great workout for beginners. There are three levels. I have never gotten past level 1 but I plan to change that. I was actually shocked that I stuck it out both nights and finished the workout, there were a couple times I screamed at Jillian and thought about throwing my weights through the tv screen but I held on and finished. It SUCKS while your doing it but when you are done and you feel your muscles burning, its worth it.

So my goal is to Shred everyday for 30 days - might do before and after pics - I just don't know how dramatic they will be since I still have a lot of fat to lose. We'll see. Then I would also like to run 3 days a week to keep my running up.

The husband has decided he wants to try to start eating better and says he is thinking about starting to run too - we'll see - I secretely really hope he does it, we both need some major adjustments when it comes to diet and exercise. He ordered some protein powder the other day, which is a big step for him, he is a fast food junkie and rolls his eyes every time I talk about eating healthier. So I hope he really gets into this, it would be so much easier if we could do this together!! =)

Weigh in sucked the big one because as stated above I was still half assing last week, but I am going to stick with The Shred/Running/and Tracking My Calories this week - so hopefully I can log a good loss next week!!

Sorry, I know you all have to be tired of hearing my - "this is it" posts - but that's just how it is.


  1. Go SAM Go!!!! I have heard that Shred is fantastic. You should have hubby take some measurements. Sometimes the scale doesn't reflect the hard work and changes that are happening in our bodies.

  2. You can do it Sam! Obviously I'm a little behind here but I'm def looking forward to seeing how things are progressing for both you and your husband. It is SO MUCH easier to do this thing when you have a partner in crime :). And who cares how many "this is it" posts you write - as long as you don't give up!