Thursday, March 22, 2012

Progress ...

Well we survived Kindergarten Registration! Layton did awesome in his screening - they left a note saying, "Very sweet, sat quietly, listened well, very respectful" - That's my boy!! =) He tested average for some things but for most he was above average - we were so worried since he didn't get to go to preschool that he was going to be behind - but they said he is doing great and is ready to go =) Such a relief!

Yesterday when I got home from work I got a new book in the mail ... I ordered this last week after reading the reviews. I am kind of turning into a Jillian Michaels stalker - I really like her, I think the Biggest Loser made her out to be a crazy woman but I think she's cool - I kind of like her tough, don't wanna hear the crying, just do it - attitude. When I see her body type that is pretty much the look I would like to end up with as well. She isn't too thin, not too muscular, she has nice lines and tone - she has had her own struggles with weight loss so I also feel like she relates to someone like myself - so anyways I'm a Jillian lover =)

Here is the book:

I know that to lose the weight I need to count calorie intake and exercise, that is a given. I would  however, like to get more educated on what foods I am putting into my body and how they make my body react to weight loss. I could eat cheeseburgers everyday and still lose weight if I stayed within my calorie range, but I don't want to do that. I want to educate myself on what foods are best for me and my health and I think this book can help me learn that - we'll see, I will let you know what I think and maybe when I am done with it I can pass it on to someone else and help them do the same! 

Today at the office is something they call their "Annual Sales Meeting" - it last all day today and all day tomorrow. During this meeting they bring in TONS of food - 90% of it being junk. So when I went into the kitchen today this is what I was faced with:
Donuts & Bagels & hidden NutriGrain bars =)
This is only the half of it - later they will get out, chips, candy, cookies - it really is gross how much crap they consume in a 2 day period. I did take a Nutrigrain bar for later - 120 calorie snack isn't so bad. I will be avoiding the bagels and donuts at all costs though!

I am wearing a shirt today that I ordered right before Christmas but couldn't get it on, it was so tight in the arms and chest area that I couldn't even pull it over my boobs! ... But today I got it on and it's comfortable.
This picture looks horrible - I have a horrible mirror in my work bathroom, the shirt is cute I promise. Check out the studs on the shoulders! ha ha ... Love it!

So I am making some progress ... it will only get better from here! =)

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  1. I don't mean to comment on every post but I just have so much in common with your posts! I love Jillian as well and have read a couple of her books. There was a big box of donuts and big bag of mini candy bars at work that I had to walk by all day! Thankfully I stayed strong but I hate all the crap that is around at work. I did ask someone where the fruit basket was and I got a weird look. I put on a scrub top today that I haven't been able to wear since before I had my last baby and it fit! Today is going to be a good day.