Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reality Check ....

So I bought a new scale because I wanted one that weighed to the tenth of the pound, the one I had only did half pounds. After I bought it I thought about it and thought what if the new scale says I weigh a lot more than this one because it is an older scale and you always get different weights on different scales. So my scale got here yesterday and its awesome, very sleek, glass and big, I can fit both feet completely on the scale with room to spare.

The only problem ....

Old Scale...

This was taken in the afternoon when I first got the new scale in from the mail.

New Scale ... womp womp =(
So my old scale is about 6 lbs off and not in a good way =(  ... This pretty much means I was actually about 200 lbs when I started and not 194 like I thought.  When I weighed this morning I was 190.2 - so I don't know what to think - I guess I've lost about 10 lbs total (which is pathetic for 2 months!!) ... but if anything, this just pissed me off. I put on my running clothes and I ran my ass off.

What choice do I have at this point? Giving up is not an option. I have to start trying hard and that is pretty much all there is to it ... I refuse to fail again. I put on a pair of my shorts from last year, that were getting too big after losing the 23 lbs and yesterday they were very snug - it just angered me. I want to take all this anger and put it on the treadmill and any other workout I may be doing for the day.

I refuse to go another summer not wearing tank tops - not wearing shorts - not wearing a swimming suit - sweating my damn ass off because I have on jeans and t-shirt, instead of those shorts and tank tops.  I REFUSE TO BE MISERABLE ANY MORE!


  1. Go get em Sam! :) I love your determination in this post.

  2. I had the same moment when switching scales. Now the only scale I trust is the one at work that I weigh myself on every Monday morn. I don't want to sound like a stalker but after checking your blog out a bit I found that we are both doing a 30 by 30 challenge. Sadly I am not going to make it since my bday is in like 5 weeks but you can still totally do it! I also loved the thing you said about wanting to live in the moment and take your boys swimming because they will only remember that you went with them and not what you looked like. I have said those exact words to my friends and I totally believe them.
    Keep up the will still be there when the motivation is gone!

  3. I also went through the same thing when I switched scales. It's all relative though and after a few weigh ins on the new scale, you'll be used to it!