Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Balls to the Wall!

Seriously, is there any othe way to go but balls to the wall? ... Apparently I have thought so for the past oh ... my entire life ... but more specifically the last 3 months. I have been half-assin' it and as my lover Jillian Michaels would say "phoning it in".  So I've decided this week I am going to prove a point to myself. For ONE week and I am only committing to this one week for right now - I want to document EVERYTHING I eat and stay within my calorie range no matter what, even if that means going to bed at 6:00 pm because I have no calories left and I am afraid I will eat if I don't sleep (yeah I'm that pathetic sometimes!). I am taking pics of what I eat to help me be more accountable. I have already taken pics of what I've eaten today, so starting tomorrow I will post my previous day's eats and calorie intake and whatever exercise I do for the day.

Like I said for right now, this is just for one week. I want to prove to myself that if do go Balls to the Wall with this and put in the effort I will see results. I won't be playing up and down with the scale and I will see significant loss. I am "friends" with a personal trainer on facebook - he's a guy I grew up with - and he was talking about one of his clients and how the guy is killing it with weight loss and he is doing most of the work on his own and at the end of his story he wrote - Some people just want it more!  .. How true is that!

If you really want to lose weight, if you really want to get healthy, YOU are the only thing stopping you from achieving that... You HAVE TO WANT IT! If that cookie is more important then it won't happen, if watching that tv show is more important than working out then it won't happen (I am preaching to myself right now if you haven't noticed) ... What is more important? What do you really want?

It is time to go BALLS. TO. THE. WALL!

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  1. That quote is too true. I find myself trying to talk myself out of working out and love it when I can tell myself to "Shut It" and get my butt out of bed!
    Good luck this week. When I was taking pictures of everything I ate it really made me think twice about what I was putting in my mouth.
    Can't wait to see a big loss on Monday!