Monday, April 16, 2012

Come Back Weekend!!

Man do the weekends fly by or what??? I hate that! I really think we should have a little more time off than just 2 days - I know there are a lot of people out there who don't even get that so I should count my blessings but still why do the weekends go so darn fast! Oh well, nothing I can do to change it, just make the most of it! =)

So I tried a few new "recipes" this weekend - not much to them but they turned out good. First was this amazing Spinach & Feta Omlet. I found the recipe over at Finding Joy in the Journey (love her!!).
My ingredients =)
The finished product - minus the ketchup I added to the top  =)
This was VERY good!! It was also very filling, I had it with a glass of skim milk and I seriously felt stuffed after I ate it. I didn't need to eat again until lunch time. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Very good, low calorie, filling meal! Thanks Paige!

The other recipe I tried was Dark Chocolate and Oat Clusters. I wasn't sure about these but they turned out really good. My 2 year old devoured them! He kept going into the fridge and bringing me the container they were in and saying more! more! ... My 5 year old wouldn't touch them, he said they looked disgusting. I believe if he would have at least tried them he would of liked them but they aren't a very pretty cookie =)
My ingredients - minus the skim milk.

Everything in the pot.

Sorry this is a blurry phone pic, but this is what they looked like before I put them in the fridge to "set"

Like I said, they are not pretty but they sure do taste good and only 160 calories for 2... yum!!
So needless to say, this batch is gone - I think my 2 year old ate about 5 of them!!! Hope all those oats don't mess with his belly! So I will probably be making another batch tonight.

We also went back to the Hibatchi place this weekend - I am telling you this place is good!! I got more sushi and it was just as good as the first time!

I actually had 2 plates just like this, but we ate at around 3:00 so this was lunch & dinner =)

The boys "trying" to use chopsticks ... ha ha

He was so happy when he "got it"  =)

So we had a GREAT weekend and it's so hard coming back to work on Monday after such a good time. Especially because my husband is off on Mondays so I know they are all home having fun without me!!!

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  1. I also tried that same feta spinach omelette recipe from Paige's blog a couple weeks ago, it was great. I'm not very good at folding over the omelette evenly, but I'm learning! Those oat clusters look good, very much like the "no bake cookies" my Mom made when I was little- I think I'll need to try those too!