Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday!! Yeahhhhh Buddy =)

First things first - ITS FRIDAY!! =) Fridays make me happy ... ha!

I am so gettin' on the Clean Eating Train - I have been stalking Tiffany over at the The Gracious Pantry. She has a lot of good info about getting started and a ton of yummy looking recipes. I have been reading and printing like crazy. She says to make the transition slowly and I think that is the best advice! I will start replacing my ingredients with "clean" ingredients as I run out of them and start cutting things out along the way.  I love fruits and vegetables so this should be a some what easy transition for me. I think the hardest part will just be giving up all processed foods because they are just so easy to grab and are very convenient.

The husband and I went to a wedding last Saturday and they had one of those Photobooth Photographers. It was so much fun, totally wish we would have done one at ours. We didn't do many because it was a co-worker of my husbands so we didn't want to get too crazy, ha ha. If it would have been a family member it would have gotten a lot more crazy!

Here we are:

The Goofball Guys (these are all co-workers of my husband)

The Wives =)

We had so much fun!!

Tomorrow is my first Volunteering Venture. I will be helping out with a March of Dimes walk. Supposed to be a rainy crappy day but oh well, better than sweating to death I guess =) ... Then it's a weekend filled with birthday parties!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and if you haven't seen enough pics of me on this post, here is another of me being happy it's Friday!!!


  1. Love the pictures! The funny ones are the best. Looks like you all had a great time!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. you and your husband look so lovely :)