Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five

It's Friday!! Yeaaaaah buddy =) ... First off, just wanted to share that I set an appointment for May 9th to have a full body mole scan to check for skin cancer. So I will update after the appointment. Have you set your appointment yet? If not, DO IT!! =)

MmmmK - now on to some Friday Randomness with 5 random questions.

  1. If you were given one million dollars, on the condition that you had to give half of it away, how would you go about giving away half a million dollars?  It depends, can I give it to family? If so, I would definitely do that. I would also find a local charity or two and donate what was left to them. If I were ever to win the lottery I would quit my job and travel the world volunteering and helping where I could - this is a dream of mine!
  2. Do you write letters or send cards to anyone via the postal system regularly, only for special occasions such as birthdays, or not at all? Not at all! Everything is electronic for us. I pay all my bills online so I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I mailed something in the actual mail. Email is so much faster and just easier.  My parents are old school and still mail EVERYTHING they won't even set up online bill paying because they are afraid someone will hack their stuff. It could happen but I'm willing to take the chance =)
  3. What is the most treasured memento you have kept? Unfortunately I don't have any really cool mementos, I think I would just have to say pictures. I have TONS of pictures and I am always taking them. I love to look back at old pictures.
  4. If one of your friends phones you at 4am because they are depressed and upset, but you have an important job interview in the morning. What do you do? I would talk to my friend until it was time to get ready for the interview, then load up on caffeine on the way there, when I was done I would call to check on my friend and then catch up on my sleep.

    So there you have it - a little more than you ever wanted to know about me =)  I hope you all have a great weekend. We have a wedding tomorrow and nothing on Sunday - I can't wait to relax!

    Have a good one!
  5. What is the phrase or quote that sums up who you are as a person?

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