Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well tomorrow is my weigh in for my one week challenge - once again I did great during the week but the weekend, not so much. I did really well over the weekend with food choices  - I didn't over eat or anything like that, I just didn't track so I am unsure of my calorie intake. I had a lot of sushi on Sunday - they weren't huge pieces but that was all I had for dinner and didn't eat after 5:30.  Sometimes I don't just worry about overeating but undereating as well. Both Saturday and Sunday I didn't have 3 solids meals, I had maybe 2 solid meals with a little nibbling in between, but thos nibbles can add up if you're not careful! 

So I dunno how I did really. I only got one run in over the weekend. I did run last night as well. All I know is I checked my weight today and it wasn't great so I am hoping some magic happens over night tonight. I will be running for sure and I have counted everything I have eaten today. So we will see.

Anyways, some of you were asking for my salsa recipe. I just did a search for Chevy's salsa because my husband and I love that stuff!! And it brought me to this recipe. It was very easy to make!! We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday so I got 8 tomatoes for $2 and a basket of 8 jalapenos for $1, garlice for 40 cents, cilantro for $1 and I had the rest of the ingredients at home. The final result was a salsa that tasted  A LOT like Chevy's. I have already made my 2nd batch. We also got some restaurant style tortilla chips which makes a big difference as well. Try it.. You will love it, I promise =) ... I'm not sure on calories, I looked up Chevy's salso on caloriecount.com and it said 40 calories for 5 oz.

So tomorrow I will be back with weigh in - good or bad ... One thing is for sure, no matter what it is I will not be giving up. I will not give up until I get this figured out and finally get the weight off. May take 100 tries but eventually I will get it =)

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