Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Subway Girl!!

Do you like Subway? As in the best sandwich place ever? ... I have tried Quiznos, Pennstation, Jersey Mike's and various other sandwich shops but I always find myself going back to Subway. They are very simple but that is what I like about them, nice fresh and simple ingredients.

I found this website where you can customize your subway order and it will give you nutrition info for it. Love this!! You can put in exactly what you put on your sandwich, even chips and cookies ... it's a very handy tool if you visit Subway as frequently as I do =).

Today my lunch was a 6" Ham on Wheat - lettuce, tomatoe, black olives, pickles, american cheese and a dab of light mayo for 375 calories, baked lays sour cream & onion for 140 calories. This lunch is a splurge but it's so good and worth the splurge for me. I will just take it easy on dinner tonight =)  You could easily decrease the calories by holding the cheese and the mayo - which I typically do hold one or the other. I guess I was just going a little crazy today with my choices... oh well =)

I really splurged today and got a cookie as well - this is pretty much the only cookie I think is worth splurging on by itself ... there is no cookie like a Subway cookie! And at 210 calories a piece this does not happen very often, but when it does... Oh sweet mother of God I am in heaven!!! =)

I love you and your sweetness Mr. Cookie!
So anyways, I thought I would share my awesome Subway tool with you =) ...

p.s. Subway did not pay me for this post but if anyone from Subway would happen to read this I'm available and willing to promote!! ha ha ha !!

Have a good day!

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  1. Love their oven roasted chicken breast. I use light mayo and skip the cheese. I find that with all the veggies, that I don't even miss the cheese. Keep up the great work Sam!