Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Hope for The Best ...

I had my mole scan today - the mole that scared me was removed. The doctor didn't like the way it looked but is being very optomistic and saying "lets hope for the best" ... It will get biopsied and I will get the results Monday or Tuesday.  When I got to my car, I cried. The though of anything being wrong scares me to death. I am glad the mole is gone but I am still scared of "the worst" ... All I can do now is wait. I got a good cry out and now I am just thinking positive thoughts. Just going to take the next few days and relax and TRY not to think about it =)

Wanted to share this video with you - I am sure if you are on facebook you have seen it or even on another blog. This is so inspirational in so many ways - when he takes off running I about burst into tears. If this doesn't move you in some kind of way, there is something wrong with you. Watch and be inspired!


  1. Fingers crossed that everything turns out for the best! That video was great and super inspiring!

  2. LOVED that video.. and by now I've peaked ahead and know that you're okay :)