Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Impossible Is Nothing ...

Ok, so this post kind of goes hand in hand with my last post. I am kind of in this, I can do anything I set my mind to mode and I hope to stay that way.

I have lived the last 30 years of my life pretty much just getting by and like the quote above says - finding it easier to live in the world I've been given and not exploring the power I have to change it. I have sat at a job I hate for 11 years because I figure it's "good enough" and who am I to deserve better.  I have spent at least 20 years overweight because I have always felt inferior and not important enough. While I have settled for "good enough" I still have dreams of bigger, better things. Yet I do nothing to get there.

I don't know if it is me turning 30 or what but it is like a fire has been lit inside of me. I do not want to settle for just good enough any more. I want to achieve greatness. I don't want to sit back and watch others accomplish their goals while I dream and wish my life away.

Here are a few things already in motion to stop the wishing and start the doing =)
  1. I have started looking for a new job and already have my resume sent to a couple of places. Good thing is I can be picky because I don't technically need a job but just need a change, in a bad way!
  2. I am totally loving the Turbo Fire dvd series. It is a GREAT workout. I complete every workout completely drenched in sweat (gross I know, but so good at the same time).  It is actually fun and I look forward to doing it. Weighed in today at 190.8 - 4 lb loss in 1 week =)
  3. We have finally decided to start doing some renovations on our house instead of sitting around dreaming of what we could do ... this really excites me!! =) We have lived in our house 4 years this August and we haven't done much, always afraid to take a plunge.

Time to start living, time to take chances. We only get one life. Regrets and mistakes, they are memories made. Are you ready to start living your life and really truly believe that nothing is impossible??

On a complete side note, I got my last birthday present in the mail yesterday. A Baby G watch, it is the female version of the G-Shock watches ... love it!
Sporty yet classy =) haha

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