Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Not You?

So it's Friday!! Couldn't be happier bout that! .. Don't have much for today other than a question for you to think about this weekend. 

Why not you?? ... I have been doing well the past few days, watching what I eat, sticking to my workout schedule but still I have the thought in the back of my head that I could still fail at this again.

I have been looking at motivational weight loss pics and trying to get some tips and what not. I know what to do I just like to see what others are eating or what exercises they are doing to try to get ideas here and there. But as I looked at these pictures I found myself looking at where I am now and thinking there is no way my ass will ever look that good. There is no way my abs could look like that! There is no way I could wear that ... But then I found myself saying... Why not me?? I see where these "success stories" have come from and see that they looked very similar to the way I do now - so why couldn't I look like that? Why couldn't I wear that? ... If you put your mind to something, anything is possible! ... So the next time you see that "hot girl" wearing that short skirt and rockin' that cute tank top - don't think my legs will never look good enough to wear something that short, or my arms will never be seen in public! ... Instead take that image and use it as motivation and smile because that WILL be you some day - you just have to put in the work.

Just a little wisdom to share with you on this HOT Friday!! Seriously its like 116 degrees here today - yuck!!   Tomorrow is weigh in for me, we'll see how I did. Started at 194.6 last week ...

See you tomorrow and remember ... WHY NOT YOU?!?!

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